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Castiel by RawrMonsterRawr Castiel :iconrawrmonsterrawr:RawrMonsterRawr 0 0
Fag This
I feel really wise when I drink out of a coffee cup. I don't drink coffee; I drink water. However, if said water originates from a coffee cup, I feel wise.
That's what I was thinking during fifth hour today, when I kindofsortof interacted with a human being.
But not really.
Here's how it went in my head:
    Insignificant other: Look at that fag. Stupid homo.
    Me:  Shut up. Seriously? All I've heard from you constantly all year round is fag this and fag that. You are without a doubt the most ignorant being I have ever had the displeasure of encountering. Please –for the sake of all people that understand the most basic, elementary, fundamental aspects of the English language– do not speak unless you have a chance encounter with insight. Which I doubt will happen.
Here's how it actually went:
    Extremely intimidating individual: Look at that fag. Stupid homo.
:iconrawrmonsterrawr:RawrMonsterRawr 0 1
Womanhood by RawrMonsterRawr
Mature content
Womanhood :iconrawrmonsterrawr:RawrMonsterRawr 1 2
A Still Nothing
I stand
in a meadow
hunched over
myself, and feeling wary.
Carefully, as
not to disturb
a soul,
I raise my drowsy eyes
and peek about.
I see
before me a
sea of weeds
taking over the meadow
in which I stand.
They are darkness.
Discarded seemingly carelessly
within the labyrinth of darkness
are spots of light.
And I mourn for the flowers.
For they will die.
The weeds
will kill them.
You speak to me
then. I shiver
with what is
trepidation and
All in one breath
weak at the knees
and angry
I fall before you,
and yet nothing.
Shamefully, I
lie, face in the dusty
barren sea of weeds like
the frond of a fern
broken by a thoughtless child.
Your blistered, bleeding
self reaches towards me.
A silent symphony,
thunderous dead.
The idea of a still nothing.
And I mourn for the beauty.
For it, like myself, will die.
will kill us.
:iconrawrmonsterrawr:RawrMonsterRawr 3 0
Telling a Girl You Love Her...
When Telling a Girl You Love Her: A message to thick-skulled boys from a sincerly offended woman.
When telling a girl you love her for the first time, you should NOT
  -do it via text message
      ( i luv u babe <3)
  -do it within two hours of meeting her
  -send a picture of yourself trying to give yourself a double chin
  -"Accidentally" send the message several times.
      ( Inbox: 23 )
What the hell is wrong with boys?
:iconrawrmonsterrawr:RawrMonsterRawr 1 3
Last Journal Ext.
Life starts as a seed.  Small and seemingly insignificant, we blow in the wind, scatter, and try to find our place in the world.  Hopefully, eventually, we find where we belong. And then, we begin to grow. We grow together, and as we grow, we learn.
        We learn about the glorious things in life that -like the sun and the rain- help us grow, stretching our ever fragile limbs to the sky and reaching our potential. Like anything in life, however, our blessed existence isn't perfect. We also learn about the hard things, like a drought (or even something as simple as writers-block). But the hardships in life make us stronger.
        We grow through our lives, ever changing, never standing still. Step by step, we live our lives and we touch the hearts of the people who touch ours. Then, done with the place on earth we scattered for, searching franticly, we move on to the next era of our
:iconrawrmonsterrawr:RawrMonsterRawr 0 0
It starts out as a speck, an imperfect little smudge on the clear window of life. It isn't that noticeable, but you seem to bend yourself around it to hid and demolish it. You twist and turn your increasingly depressive and dark thoughts around it. You are distorted. It grows and spreads like blood on water.  You bend your neck to hide your face in unmasking shame.  How dare you not be exactly like everyone else? Growing like weeds in your heart, your little imperfection squeezes and restricts your thoughts until you cannot recognize your face in the mirror. Your thoughts mesh together and slowly shrink into a blissful nothing. Self-destruction. When do we reach the point where we realize that no matter what, we all bleed the same blood? Leaking sickness from your fingertips, your imperfections disgust you. You want to cut yourself into little pieces and hid them where no one will ever find your shame. Lemon juice in your paper cuts. You are poisonous rain to yourse
:iconrawrmonsterrawr:RawrMonsterRawr 2 0
Foreverandeverandever... by RawrMonsterRawr Foreverandeverandever... :iconrawrmonsterrawr:RawrMonsterRawr 1 0
Brain Storm
                               Pitter-patter, whisper storm.
                                   Raindrops in my head.
                                 As I sleep, it pitter-pats
                                  and drips into my bed.
                              It drip drip drops and splashes
                               and rains for days, it seems.
                          Then splish splash sploosh; pretty soon
                                it's raining in my dreams.
                            I can not sleep. Can't even think-
                                   insomniatic dread.
                         'Till pitter-patter splish splash sploosh
                                  it's leaking in my head
:iconrawrmonsterrawr:RawrMonsterRawr 0 0
Have a seat... by RawrMonsterRawr Have a seat... :iconrawrmonsterrawr:RawrMonsterRawr 0 0 eyeball...? by RawrMonsterRawr eyeball...? :iconrawrmonsterrawr:RawrMonsterRawr 0 0 Paino on SIMS by RawrMonsterRawr Paino on SIMS :iconrawrmonsterrawr:RawrMonsterRawr 0 0
'Tick tock, tick tock,'
the clock tells your fate.
They rip you apart
before it's too late.
You're thrown in the midst
of a violent crowd
'Tick tock, tick tock,'
the clock screams out loud.
"Please, whats going on?"
you desperately cry
'Tick tock, tick tock'
they peck out your eyes.
You reach blindly for help
as they shout out demands,
'Tick tock, tick tock,'
they cut off your hands
You scream, "Where is my family,
please, let me know!"
'Tick tock, tick tock,'
they sever your soul.
Your changing now, and
Soon you'll forget
'Tick tock, tick tock,'
but it's not over yet.
They pock and they prod,
until you are "fixed"
'Tick tock, tick tock,'
your minds been bewitched
Then they unbind your changed hands,
your body, your soul.
'Tick tock, tick tock,'
They say, "Feel free to go home."
:iconrawrmonsterrawr:RawrMonsterRawr 2 2
Mroww by RawrMonsterRawr Mroww :iconrawrmonsterrawr:RawrMonsterRawr 3 0 Mousy Kitty by RawrMonsterRawr Mousy Kitty :iconrawrmonsterrawr:RawrMonsterRawr 0 0 Fire by RawrMonsterRawr Fire :iconrawrmonsterrawr:RawrMonsterRawr 4 0


Marilyn Manson by SierraPuz Marilyn Manson :iconsierrapuz:SierraPuz 1 0 Dmitri Tippens Krushnic by BloodRose1993 Dmitri Tippens Krushnic :iconbloodrose1993:BloodRose1993 140 40 Castiel by SpryteMage Castiel :iconsprytemage:SpryteMage 1,555 130 Mind devour by Sebmaestro Mind devour :iconsebmaestro:Sebmaestro 4,145 763 The Ugliest Pug by stupidscribbles The Ugliest Pug :iconstupidscribbles:stupidscribbles 3 0 Pencil Sketch of an African Elephant by raghunaut Pencil Sketch of an African Elephant :iconraghunaut:raghunaut 2 0 Dean Winchester by Libellule14 Dean Winchester :iconlibellule14:Libellule14 357 42 the winchester's angels by morwenvaidt the winchester's angels :iconmorwenvaidt:morwenvaidt 1,307 232 Stand out =) by SamanthaKO317 Stand out =) :iconsamanthako317:SamanthaKO317 4 0 super natural by Redrose1711 super natural :iconredrose1711:Redrose1711 1 0 ocean wind-edit by whiterabbit--x ocean wind-edit :iconwhiterabbit--x:whiterabbit--x 3 2 Team Free Will by zer03908 Team Free Will :iconzer03908:zer03908 145 20 more gators by Eligecos more gators :iconeligecos:Eligecos 330 26 Nap Time by AngelKatfromHeaven Nap Time :iconangelkatfromheaven:AngelKatfromHeaven 1 0 skin mask by Lenatrease skin mask :iconlenatrease:Lenatrease 3 0 Slender's A Great Dancer ( Video in description ) by Darkmoong Slender's A Great Dancer ( Video in description ) :icondarkmoong:Darkmoong 6 7



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